Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The British and their Leggings

Sometimes one is baffled at the fashion sense of the Brits. I am not talking Kate Middleton, Alexa Chung or Poppy Delevigne. I am talking the everyday, run of the mill, M&S loving British public. The ones who believe and commit to the legging. Once again I am not talking Lululemon/Sweaty Betty pant or a Kenneth Cole jegging. I am talking fake jodhpurs, primark addition legging. The type that everybody type loves to flaunt everyday life in. 

Every time a pair of them walk past my shop front I want to run out and shake the person wearing them and scream - "What are you doing? Have you seen your butt in those?" Unlike a good pair of lulus or some perfectly fitting jeggings that support your legs and to some extent hold in your flabby bits - the fave of those Brits, to put it frank do not! No material cupping the bottom half allowing the ever familiar sag to occur. This is especially frequent on those stylistas wearing them in their twilight years! For many the fashioning of these wardrobe staples are socks into which the leggings are tucked into adding an extra factor to the Wow Factor."WOW! I cannot believe how awful that looks!" 

In a day and age when fashion is so evolved with colours, fabrics even technologies - clothes can tuck, tug, pull and pimp yet in this old land people have missed the fashion revolution. Clinging instead to the very misguided conception that leggings are a complementing item to wear at any size and any age, and... seemingly in any colour. My villages personal favourite options are baby bile yellow, or cow-pat green. 

I just really wish someone would stop stocking leggings and bring Britain out of this unfortunate legging disaster taking over all its streets. 

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