Monday, 4 April 2016

From Porter-to-Porter

"God. The New Yorker. I have been carrying it around in my purse for 20 years."
~ Sex and the City 2 

My choice of magazine is slightly more heavy than The New Yorker but the sentiment is the same, (plus The New Yorker takes ages to read and comes out way to regularly)! I have been searching my whole 'adult' life for a magazine that grips me and takes me page to page. I have tried so many... and every time there is a twinge of guilt as I put it in the recycling bin knowing that some pages have not been written. Being a fanatic reader I wanted a magazine that I want to read cover-to-cover. 

Finally last December I found it. The holy grail of magazines! I had purchased it as a guilty pleasure at the airport on my way to Ottawa for Christmas (Emma Watson was on the cover)!  By my second day in Ottawa I had read the entire book - all 300 pages of it and had put a reminder in my diary for the next issue. The second time round I paced myself! Reading and savouring every detail and it was just as good as the first. Engaging, thought provoking, empowering and compelling. Something I had to read all of!

Broken into sections the magazine has it all. Fashion, beauty, but I am not talking the normal buy this and look amazing - these are articles that talk about healthy beauty not just makeup. I love the last issues straight up myth busting article on how much a person should really drink. 
There is the personal opinion articles, the cover features all of which draw specific attention to women. Their power; their attributions to society, real heroes of our generations; figures who make you proud to be a woman and make you want to be a better woman for the generations that will follow. (There was a fantastic article in the last book which focused on the artistry of photography, specifically female visionaries acting in the field.)

So my addiction begins. It comes with me to work, it comes on the bus and for walks around the park. It is a permanent... heavy fixture in my bag and I love it! 

Who knows maybe I will go the way of Carrie and appear in Porter magazine in 20 years... or maybe not!

p.s.  Latest Issue came out on Friday...  you won't be disappointed!

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