Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Book Review ~ The Foxglove Saga

Rating: 2/5

I was so excited to read Evelyn Waugh's sons novel and dove straight in the minute a friend lent me her copy. He definitely has his father's style of writing and keen eye for social studies. 

The novel revolves around three boarding school friends and the directions each of their lives take and criss-cross for good or for bad.  The stories are mirrored as we learn more about the fathers of the boys who also find their lives after school criss-crossing and effecting their final legacy's. 

The book is a great study of personality, social etiquette and generational expectations that is until the last chapter... The last chapter was the twist that you never saw coming... the arrival of a strange, ginger legged, murder inclined monster baby! Yes, Monster Baby! For some reason this thing comes in and causes a few problems with new characters that we only meet in the last chapter then it dies! Weird!

Basically the novel was fabulous until the last chapter when it went all Horace Walpole!

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