Tuesday, 29 March 2016

London Calling

With a new line direct to Maryleborne from Kidlington in under an hour it was a lot easier to convince TidyBoy to accompany me on a London 'Honeymoon' shopping spree. It was a little dangerous with my paycheque just hitting the bank account! So early on Saturday morning we were London bound with a brunch booked in Soho with my cousin and then an afternoon of shopping hopping!

I love London. I love London when I am actually shopping which has only happened twice in my lifetime! Once for Christmas and this... this being the best! I was shopping for ONLY myself and TidyBoy! London rocks my world. All my favourite shops in close proximity punctuated with coffee shops. It is Heaven (this side of the ocean).  Vancouver is of course the best location to shop in whether it be Mall or street! 

So how does one, especially one on a budget get what they need and not get distracted?
First of all... let me put it out there I got everything on my list and nothing more... although it was slightly more expensive then I had planned for. 
My secret is lists... after clearing my closet. Pulling out my summer clothes and stripping back on those too I went to London knowing all that was at home was a maxi dress, shirt dress and mini, two t-shirts and a cardigan. Knowing exactly what is in ones closet is essential. 
Since January I have also been pairing. Making sure every item I have matches with a sweater, pants of skirt so that an outfit is always available when you pull out what you want to wear that day. 
With all that being said the lists come in. With what I had I knew there was something very obvious missing... a pair of shorts. To complete the t-shirts look this was essential. I headed to my staple for everything waist and below Banana Republic!

With that noted I moved onto where we were going and what for! For the answer to this I headed to the blogs: Honeymoon Packing.  

It begins and ends with Victoria Secret! With a week in Italy and a hotel by the beach with a pool the number one thing missing from my closet was a bikini. I have never felt good in a bikini so I had to try on like a million but I found the perfect one (and a spare)! Then there was the Honeymoon lingerie... enough said on that. 

Then there was the accessories! I have the sandals and the gorgeous new shoes I blasted onto instagram because I am so in love with them! So what was left? 
For me it was the hat! I love the hat and have one for every occassion. The quest took me to J.Crew, Liberty, Banana Republic but the winner was discovered on the third floor of Anthropologie (budget gone). I was in love after trying on about a zillion, abandoning TidyBoy's 'I dunnos' opinion for a shop assistants one, and I walked out with a giant floppy one perfect for the Italian coast!

After grabbing my rehearsal dinner outfit - a cute little number I had been eying up online (Banana Republic) which looked just as good on me as it did on screen. I have to say... slushy moment coming up... there is nothing like shopping with TidyBoy. He gets this doe-eyed look and cheeky grin whenever I come out a dressing room and he thinks I look good. It was that look that made me... and I mean made me buy the 'morning after' Kate Spade dress and 'rehearsal dinner' Banana dress! - I ended up at the Mother Ship aka LIBERTY'S! 

This was a pure WEDDING STOP! 
I love makeup which is why I have decided to do my own makeup on the big day - that is with a little help. Over Christmas I visited an artist in Nordstroms and got made-up! With a list of exactly what I needed we headed to Liberty's Make-Up Room and the Laura Mercier and Nars counter. My lips and eyes were done so it was simply a matter of collecting. However, a little assistance on my face was needed. With some playing around I headed out completely broke and completely satisfied. 

I had done it. I stuck to the list and everything was ticked off. 
A successful London trip... plus TidyBoy got some tidy pants and shorts! 

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