Sunday, 28 February 2016

Complacency Replacement!

So 2016 started off so well for me. We got into Vancouver, we set our wedding in motion and I started writing again! When half term hit I became slightly complacent. TidyBoy was away. I found a new love of napping and I took a break from working out. I slipped comfortably back into laziness. 

"How long will you lie there, Sluggard?" 


There are a few women I admire and look up to. One is my sister. The other is a pilates instructor who I met this New Year. Both women are in control of their lives and look fabulous. They both have something in common. 

They start the day with a list! 

I really need to get up and be "like the ant"! Especially with the year ahead we have planned!
I am determined to become a list maker and a list keeper to get me back on the straight and narrow... or at least stop me from napping! 

As my motto for this year reminds me: USE EVERY SINGLE SECOND!

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