Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Book Review ~ The Cuckoo Calling

Rating: 2/5

I went into this book expecting quite a lot and was very disappointed. The story was so slow and there was nothing really gripping that held you in the story. 

The London descriptions were incredible and were really gorgeous but the character really fell flat. Robin is really stereotypical, and Cormoran was just so difficult to place - I personally could not place him at all. 

There was so much going on in the first book that you couldn't follow the actual detective story clearly - however, there wasn't much of a detective story to figure out. It wasn't like a good Agatha Christie where you can follow the trail and tie all the strings together to get your answer. This murderer just sort of conveniently popped out. 

There was a constant cliche of 'detective' that I did not expect and was disappointed when reading. 

Just not up to standard that you expect from Rowling. 

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