Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Book Review ~ Longbourn

Rating: 5+/5

My head was buried in this book from the moment I picked it up! What a novel! Holy Crap! Who is Jo Baker? I want to meet her and kiss her for creating this novel!

The underside of Pride and Prejudice, as a P&P buff this book pulled me out of my comfort zone and made me look at the Bennet's in a completely new light. It made the sisters real. It made them touchable and dare I say... hateable. I really disliked Elizabeth Bennet. But the way Baker writes it does in a way that makes you step back and go... No I bet they were like this! 

Longbourn isn't just about the servants and how they interact with the upstairs but it is also a stand alone novel that tells the story of Sarah as she grows up and realise her place in the world. 

The ability Baker has to integrate Austen within her work is magnificent. 
Just a standing ovation from me! 


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