Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Book Review ~ A Place Called Winter

Rating : 4+/5

Patrick Gale is a real master of the craft of writing. He is truly amazing. The plot is absolutely flawless and heartbreaking. His descriptions and characters just take you there. You are alongside Harry the whole way and seeing his pain and his torment which is all made possible by Gale's writing. He is incredible, such a storyteller.

It is the story of Harry Gale who is hiding a secret about himself that when revealed could send him to jail and destroy his family. So he boards a boat and heads to Canada. Upon his journey he meets Troel's who will shape his future for better... and for worse. 

Troels is probably the nastiest character I have ever come across. He's constant appearances and what he does are so haunting you cannot help but be constantly on tender hooks worrying that he is going to appear and ruin everything that has just started to go right for Harry. 

The narrative is also brilliant. It is not flashbacks, but written from area to area in a sort of tracing back of the story. It keeps you turning the pages and is a brilliant way of keeping you guessing as to what exactly has happened to Harry Cane, as each part of the narrative reveals a little more of Harry's story until in the final section you realizes exactly what has happened to him. 


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