Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Book Review ~ The Little Stranger

Rating 4/5

This was another fantastic read. I cannot believe I have never read Sarah Waters before! She was right up my street with a gorgeous Gothic setting and fantastic characters. The writing is incredible with a great flow, although the chapters are a bit to long with little chance to break. 

Waters creates a fantastic plot where the reader can decide what is truly happening within the story whether the events are supernatural or psychological. It is an amazing thing to do. I still am undecided as to which side I am really on! Ghost or medical? 

It's the story of a Doctor who finds himself in tangled with the local eccentric family and their rather freaky house which is falling into decay. As each family member seems to loose their mind under his care strange things appear or happen causing doubt as to whether in his mind as to whether psychology is to blame or the houses Little Stranger. 

The creation of this little stranger was incredible. There was no doubt in your mind that there was something there. Everything was haunting to the point where a few BBC news updates which blared out my phone whilst I was reading caused me to leap a few feet in the air!

There was only one thing that really ruined the novel. It was the final section. Obviously Waters had a brilliant conclusion planned but getting from what seemed like the natural conclusion to the actual end there was a complete dip in the narrative. It dwindled and lost some of the thrill that is had held throughout the other 400 pages! 

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