Friday, 6 March 2015

Oxford Fashion Week ~ Cosmopolitan Show

Something has deteriorated in two years! 
45 minutes late starting, technical difficulties and inadequate designers pretty much sums up this years Oxford Fashion Week. I went to the cosmopolitan show with some students last night and what a disappointment it was. Firstly it was over an hour late starting — the first 45 minutes of the show was spent in an overcrowded waiting room. 
Once the show finally began there were faults with the TV's on the side of the catwalk that resulted in not knowing which designer was walking the runway at anyone time!

What confused me is the Cosmopolitan show has gone from being high street style brands that you can wear every day on the street, to work, out a night — to more of a concept show that is confused by what it is trying to show. There were brands that were great to look at, but you wouldn't wear in a daily situation and certainly not any practical situations. 

Bianca Elgar of the "BUCollection" was really pretty to look at as she works with a lot of draping and patterned material. Its beautiful but not practical wearing a winged cropped top is not exactly what my boss would like me to wear to the office on a Tuesday morning!

De Mouilpied is all about the colours and the patterns. Truly beautiful to look at on the runway but I would like to meet the person brave enough to wear it off the runway.

Bee A Leach is another beauty to look at with floaty elegance but nothing to do with every day clothing. It looks so fragile how could you wear it to a cocktail party?

Larissa Mode & Rhona Anne were the only designers that actually worked together. Both created a real 70s glam vibe and the collections worked well together — a real coherent throw back!

Karen Gold was far too gaudy for my taste. Too much leather, too many sequins and leopard print and the velvet suit...

Olivia May was an interesting addition to the Cosmopolitan show especially as it looked like the models had just walked straight out of an episode of Little Dorritt!

Khloe Nova was... slutty! Knowing that the woman who was 30 minutes late to the already hour late show disrupting the whole thing and wearing a see-through dress the collection makes perfect sense!

Georgina Dee is a designer after my own heart it looks like the Victorian period shook hands with an elegant twenty-first century. I would love to get my hands on the blue crocheted suit. Gorgeous!

Enter Cotswold Tailors and the Woodstock Barbers... Downton Abbey on the runway. Chic, elegant and perfect for the country shooting weekend at Blenheim palace — which makes perfect sense as that is where the store is based... but what was it doing alongside Bulgarian sequins and 70s glam?!

LK Bennett saved the day with a gorgeously chic collection with two different collections that presented two beautiful ideas of both summer elegance and formal wear that suites any occasion.

Finally there was Emma Gilligan who presented a stunning collection of jewellery. Really off the wall stuff that just suites every occasion. Amazing... but more on Emma later!

I have no idea what the OFW 2015 Cosmopolitan was trying to say. It was a miss match of everything and anything. There was nothing cosmopolitan about it. It was odd. Truly odd and so poorly organised. I would be embarrassed to have been apart of it.


  1. Thank you so much Posh Gurl for your kind words regarding one of my designs. This means so much!

    1. I thought your whole collection was really gorgeous! Really Unique!