Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Movie Review ~ The Woman in Black 2

Rating: 4/5

For some reason I have been obsessed with “The Woman in Black” since Daniel Radcliffe brought the horror to screen. I have read the book and shown the movie to countless people. I even wrote my first year essay on it. So when the second movie was announced I could not wait to go. 

Tidyboy and I went together (we share this passion) and we were not disappointed. Although the experience of watching the movie was not good as the theatre was filled with kids the movie itself was great. Not as spooky and not as many jumpy bits, but the storyline was brilliant. What was really clever was they took pieces from the book that were not in the first film and edited them a bit to fit the second film keeping it well within the spirit of the original. 

The WW2 evacuee theme was brilliant and having the all doubting character, (who quite literally comes face to face with the woman) was an added brilliance. The thing that was lacking was the village itself which was completely absent except for a weird man. So why were evacuees sent there, and why was there an airbase there too? So a few things were a bit off. However, the horror of the woman in black, especially the creepy from the ceiling bits were brilliant! 

Another bonus was the ending which could have been completely predictable ended up being cleverly different! Awesome... the passion for the woman is still there! 
(Cannot wait to see the theatre production next week... for our anniversary!)

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