Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Key to being Yourself is...

If there is one thing I can accredit to keeping myself myself since the makeover is maintenance. Keeping myself primped and proper whether it be a little plucking, a bit of home hair dye and of course a new coat of paint on the nails. 

I have noticed that when I feel down or a bit fed up theres something a miss. It could be chipped nails or overgrown brows. With a quick lick of paint and the mood has changed. It affects everything, typing at the computer at work and noticing the gorgeous new colour of your nails. Straightening your hair before work and noticing your new colour shine through. 

It doesn’t take much to maintain yourself. A box of dye every six weeks for £6.99. Giving a night to paint your nails. £12.00 every six weeks for an eyebrow wax. The hair trim every eight weeks (that is the expensive bit).  It makes you feel that much better and keeps you (or it did with me) feeling yourself. 

The key to being yourself is to keep yourself! 
Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!

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