Saturday, 8 November 2014

Step Four ~ The Cull

The main thing to remember is that the cull doesn't begin and doesn't end... Yes I am being literally practical and philisophical! However, it's true. Fashion is fun. It's not something that your stuck with from season to season. It is something that must be fluid. It must be constantly changing. 

Fashion is how you choose to present yourself to the world, are you always the same? 

When I came home from Canada I had a major clean out. Four full black bags went to the Red Cross Charity shop in Woodstock, but since then I have revisited the shop with bags every few weeks. The cull needs to be constant. When you put something on and realize it isn't fitting as well, or an item of clothing won't match anything else in your closet then it is time to say goodbye. To maintain a healthy, fluid and fun closet you have to own the clothes and not let them own you.  I mean keeping on top of what you own and what you need to own. 

This leads to another element of the cull. There can also be such a thing as a too full closet! The other day I discovered a Marc by Marc Jacobs jumper I had hidden at the back of my closet. I tried it and it fitted better than ever and I have worn it pretty much constantly since. This was a clear problem with my overfull closet. I couldn't see what I had. So that's something you else should consider when moving in for a cull. 

Consistency is key to maintaining a healthy closet and this also relates to the cull. You have to cull constantly not just once a season. You cannot think of your closet as a solid, staple thing. You must start to see it as something fluid... everybody likes a few waves!

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