Monday, 1 September 2014

The Book Review ~ Mini Reviews for Summer

Rating: 2/5

This is the story of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald starting at the beginning of the relationship where they meet towards the end of the First World War right up until the death of Scott. The novel deals with the transient life of the couple caused by fluctuating finances and impatient natures. It also deals with the more secret life of Zelda including her health problems. 

I read this book because a few of the reviews mentioned it was like "A Paris Wife". I was so excited to get it started, and so quick to be disappointed. It took me months to read. It was so chewy. There was nothing memorable. You could read it and put it down for a few days and it wouldn't matter. There was nothing to pull you back to the story and nothing to motivate you to read on. It was just... blah. 

I took it on the Eurostar across to Belgium with me and it occupied me but it was just nothing special, but that was literally it... occupation - it was a White Noise sort of literature.  

Rating: 5/5

This is the story of two sisters. One in a messy divorce, the other in a messy breakup. Both make mistakes and both solve them by helping the other. 

Not too complicated and not too deep but ENTERTAINING to the core. I could not put it down. Screw the travel sickness from reading on the bus. I was reading it non-stop. Page after page needed to be consumed. I absolutely adored it. 

Kinsella is really a champion of fiction. She just gets it right every time. Her comedic ability is outstanding as is her ability to create the most enthralling characters who you want to constantly revisit. 


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