Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Big Reveal ~ Hair

I have been through a lot of hairstyles, some by choice and others not so much. After completely massacring my hair in 2010 by trusting a voucher and a new stylist (there was bleach and then there was a pixie cut) I decided never to cut my hair again!!!! 
Well pretty much... Other than the occasional trim I was growing it long! 

There was also the problem of colour! I was a ginger from birth but countless colour jobs (beginning with a cap at eleven) I had turned a mousy brown with red bits in it. For the last year however, I had been boxing it with different reds,  (and a one off purple). 

When I arrived in Canada my hair was a mixture of three box colours, (each one an attempt to correct the last) and a long mop with about 3 inches of split ends. 

Although the start of the 'makeover' did not begin with the hair appointment it started to feel real then. There is nothing quite like the feeling of release when a large amount of hair is chopped off. 

I went from taking 1.5 hours upwards to get reasonably straight hair to a 15 minute blow dry and straighten. It was liberating - I felt like all the 'stuff' I had been holding onto for the past 12 months or so had been cut free and I was floating. 

I was regaining the me I was before all the crap had latched on! 

It took two boxes to get a deep red back onto my hair. A deep red that had me written all over it... in fact it should have been called 'theposhgurlred'! With thick hair like mine the first box was used under and the second on top. 

Still from a box I hear you say! Lord knows a girl's got to keep to her budget. 


  1. Baby girl you can be any color of the rainbow. It's what's inside that counts, and you've got that in spades. Gorgeous is what gorgeous does.

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous, that cut is definitely you!