Thursday, 18 September 2014

The American Girl Ethics

There is one thing to having a creative niece and that is the movies. Every ballet, gymnastic and theatre dreaming DVD is on her shelf and what's more over the past few weeks I have watched it! 

I have to admit I am a little jealous of my Popster who knows exactly what she wants for the future. She dreams o f being a ballerina and its all she works for even at three. For show and tell tomorrow she will be doing Port de Bras! Every day of the week I take her to class: ballet, jazz, gymnastics and acro! Her life is about dancing and I envy her complete and utter desire to do it. At three it is incredible how dedicated and driven she is to do it. 

When I was her age all I dreamt of every job under the sun: a vet driving a land rover, a cornet player, a tap dancer, a tornado chaser, a marine biologist. It wasn't till later on I realized I did want to do all these things just not in reality. This soon changed having worked in the movie industry and watched all the films and television I was interest ed wasn't out there so I started to write... I had found my place. It took me to 21 to realize it was my care er goal (even though I was doing it long before).  Yet I don't feel I am the most dedicated writer. I am not disciplined. I am not as dedicated as I want to be. 

Today Popster made me watch an American Girl movie. Badly written, and not the best acting, but I could see why Popster loved it. It teaches kids so much about dedication and it taught me too! Ridiculous but so true! Next time you want a 'pick me up' try an American Girls movie. 

My wardrobe may be sorted, my hair may be changed and my shoes collection may be completed but I don't want you guys to think that I am materialistic... or too materialistic anyway! I need to change lifestyle and fitness changes are also going to play a big part in...

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  1. I can't believe how big she is! What a little beauty.