Sunday, 14 September 2014

Step Three ~ The "Doo" and The Face

Coco Chanel was on to something when she said that,"a woman changing her hair is about to change her life". What is it about a woman's hair that makes her feel so differently after a change? The same can be said when you go the other way around. I had been growing my hair following the disastrous pixie cut that I had back in 2011. I had also stopped dying my hair letting the more natural colour come through. This caused a few problems - the natural colour had lost a lot of my usual red and cuts in the UK are so expensive so I started neglecting the cuts and using different block colours. Going from red, to orange, to purple, to red, to orange left my hair with multiple hair shades and then the split ends were so bad! 

When I arrived it took a matter of hours before the Sister had booked me a hair appointment. Following the number of changes that began when I arrived I could not help but think the one thing really holding me back was the mop. Long, lifeless and useless. Everyday it was pulled back. So I went drastic. 

The first step was to put the colour right dying it one colour all over a few days before the cut. The cut was drastic and I love it. From two hours getting dried and straightened it now takes 15 minutes! The cut is brilliant and feels great. After the cut the wright was one and resulted in a few places where the colour had not reached. I have left it a week and will soon add the next box onto the weaker areas allowing the colour to really sit all over. 

I go back to the UK with a strong cut that will keep its shape, but when you get a great cut you because determined to keep the shape you love, and I LOVE this shape! 

* * *

The most important to thing to do when you get a new colour and cut is to change up the makeup. Makeup is so important to keep fresh and new. It can make or break a cut and colour. With a different shade you change the colour of your face as the light is reflected onto you differently. When you switch onto a different hair colour you must change your blush. It is really a great idea to get a full makeover as often lips and eye shades appear a bit different when have a different 'frame'. 

Before I came out I had changed my base to Chanel and my face really cleared up. I made my way to the Chanel counter in the Bay grabbing myself a new cover and powder. I then headed grabbed a cheaper palette with the same colours recommended to me by Chanel. Sephora's birthday present from Forever Makeup also helped!
For me my makeup has always been relevant. I love makeup and playing with it. I rotate between a few eye shadow brands as I love to play with colour. The main thing for me is if I feel good I spend more time on my makeup if I don't feel so good a base and lip is fine. After getting my hair done I really began playing with my eyes and making sure to place my blush, and accentuating my brows. I am so happy with my makeup even though only a few bits have been added to the collection. 

Feeling put together may start with the outfit but the hair and makeup really make it work. 

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