Sunday, 7 September 2014

Step One ~ The Underwear

As I mentioned in my last post my Mum and Sister have been mentioning the disappearance of The Posh Gurl - in particular my Mum. With all the present circumstances she has taken it upon herself to help me find myself once again. She wants her, "Posh Gurl back". 

So as a mini-project whilst I am here I am going to be writing a reinvention series looking at how you add, remove and rethink when attempting to reinvent yourself. 
This will all lead to THE BIG REVEAL which will take place when everything is considered complete.


Where does one start when pretty much everything is headed to the charity shop? 
It begins with the bare essential, the underwear. 

For me the be all and end all is Victoria Secret. I was quite literally wearing bras that were three years old — bought in LA when I was training for BA. So I have begun with my reinvention at Victoria Secret. I thoroughly recommend getting a fitting when you are there. It is so important to get the right fit. I was wearing two sizes too small. The difference after I began wearing my new bras it was incredible. Two sexy fun bras and a nude was my choice. I love the Demi Dream Angels bra but the Perfect Fit is great for a simple nude day bra. 

Of course bras are not the only important thing. I am a HUGE Hanky Panky fan, but they are expensive and hard to come by. I have owned practically every pattern and colour since Dr. Bestie gifted me my first pair. However, they are starting to wear, loose elastic and that cause for quite a few wedgies! Something you cannot do secretly when a three year old is in the group! So I decided whilst in Victoria Secret I would check out their underwear. Needless to say I left with quite a few pairs in quite a few styles all in the colours matching my bras. I really love the Hiphuggers for comfort, but the cheekies are gorgeous and make you feel really sexy. I also grabbed a pair of shorties as well. Some are in the gorgeous seamless style which work so well with dresses, some the comfy cotton and others are in the Dream Angels style. - Don't panic I won't be throwing out all my hanky pankys but I will be harsher when it comes to throwing out the ones lacking elastic and revealing holes! 

Starting with the underwear not only physically effects you but it also mentally does as well. The physicality of wearing a good, supportive bra effects the fitting of the clothes but how it looks especially when your friends are not busting out a shirt or over the top of a v-neck. Mentally you feel good, sexier when you are wearing a cute new pair of undies as opposed to a holey pair that your butt cheeks constantly chew on. 

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