Friday, 16 August 2013

The Movie Review ~ Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Seen: 15th August 2013
Rating: 4/5

I am not a Partridge fan. I should lay that outright now. I have experienced the TV series, Knowing Me Knowing You, and his autobiographical audio book - all through osmosis (from TidyBoy continually playing them over and over!) Unfortunately I had made him watch the tragedy that was The Bling Ring so the revenge was Alpha Papa. With all that said the movie was actually rather good… stupid, but really really funny.

The film does rest heavily on the talent of Coogan, but it also draws a lot on slapstick humour with the police blowing up a lunchbox used by a hostage to defecate in and Partridge losing his trousers and underpants while climbing through a window after locking himself out of the siege. It is not the ‘classic Alan’ of the TV Series, but in a way that works to the big screen advantage making it more accessible to the masses that are not familiar with Alan, and his Toblerone filled past.

The storyline is solid, the characters stereotypically British, and the music very fitting. It is a proper film in the sense of giving the audience great entertainment. It is light, comical and easily accessible to everyone in my opinion a great success.

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