Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Closet Cull

With the weather being on the brink of change now is the perfect time to start the Closet Cull. You can throw out half your Fall/Winter stock and not worry about having nothing to wear as technically you should be still in your Summer Stuff! By the time the autumn starts you will be equipped and ready to go with your closet already holding the gems of the season fully pressed and organized.

Before you start shopping, especially on a limited budget you need to know what you have, and what you need. This is where the Cull really begins. 
Everyone becomes attached to their clothes… you wore it on your first date; you wore it to graduation etc. BUT that does not mean you will ever wear them again. The memory will live on without the pit-stained sparkle tee! You need to be harsh and set boundaries before you even begin!

You are looking for:
1.    Clothes that clearly Fit You!
2.    Clothes that make you Feel Good.
3.    Clothes that Suit You and your lifestyle.
4.    Clothes that are in Good-Near-Perfect Condition.
5.    Clothes that you wear Regularly.

There is your initial Cull. Anything that does not fit into one of those five categories needs to go. 

BUT it doesn’t end there so don’t get the hangers out yet…

Now you have the basics of your wardrobe left you need to edit them 
(just like an essay – you never finish at the first draft!)

This round you are eliminating item-by-item. You need to take a close look at each item you have kept and check for certain defects, and of course asks yourself some hard questions!

1.    Are there Pit Stains, or Holes?
2.    Has the Item been Stretched or Shrunk?
3.    Is the item Worn or Bobbily?

 If you answered YES to these questions, or even paused to consider them, the item needs to be thrown away! Remember this is what will represent you to a future employer!

Those are the obvious things to consider. On Edit 2 you need to dig a bit deeper.

1.    Have you had the item for over Two Years?
* If the answer is YES the wear and tear will show, if not to you to your ‘viewers’. It     is always good to have a two year rule – anything older… it is time to put it into retirement!

2.    Was this item part of a Trend?
*  If the answer is YES then throw it NOW! The point of trends is they come and go. Do not listen to your parents, or friends who say that trends always come back, they may well do but they never come back the same! So don’t waste space and time waiting for something to come back – Throw it OUT!

3.    Have you worn this item in the last Year?

*  Really simple one folks! If you haven’t worn it in you never will. Use the space for something you will love and wear all the time. 

There are two exceptions to the cull. For the exceptions to work you really must be harsh on yourself:

Firstly if there is something you want altered get it done IMMEDIATELY or else it will go back into the closet unworn, and taking up space.

Secondly if you really love something put it in a VISIBLE spot in your closet. If you wear it great, if in a few weeks time it is still there, unworn you are not going to wear it so clear it out!

Congratulations the Closet Cull is Completed!

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