Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Book Review ~ The Winter Ghosts

Read: 23rd August

It takes quite a book for me to consume it in one setting, but I did with Kate Mosse’s “The Winter Ghosts”. I had read maybe a few chapters before boarding my train to Cardiff but the book was finished and back in my bag by the time we hit Newport. I just couldn’t put it down. My coffee was cold, my sandwich half eaten… The book pulled me completely in. It was brilliant.

Mosse creates this pathetic character that you cannot help but sympathies with as he begins this journey to rid himself of his grief, or his life. I don’t know how she creates such sympathy as on the surface he is rather ridiculous in his self-pity. There is something so sad about him that you cannot help but forgive him for his pathetic-ness. Then he meets Fabrissa and the story just leaps to life.

The descriptions of the Languedoc region are exquisite. Mosse’s words just transport you there. You don’t question the ghosts, the echoes across the moor – everything is made real and believable by Mosse’s descriptions and characterizations. The historical aspect of the novel is also phenomenal – I don’t just mean the set period, but the journey back to Fabrissa’s village. There is nothing Mosse misses, or overshoots. Everything is as iy should be and so perfect!

She is the most talented writer I have had the privilege of reading! 
Wow, and thank you Kate Mosse.

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