Thursday, 15 August 2013

Knowing What to Buy

I am a huge follower of Pinterest. It completely makes my day everyday! It is like an active magazine, constantly updating, always new. Not only does it provide great outfit inspiration, beauty advice, and home d├ęcor ideas – it also provides the most brilliant food for thought! 

A little gem I recently came across was completely and utterly linked to my new series on finding your Fashion Mojo. I just had to share it with you:

Not only does this checklist give you the essentials, it also gives you the exact pieces you need to make a full, timeless and classic closet. Of course every season you want to add in one or two trend pieces, just to keep your style relevant (don’t forget to dispose of said items once the season is done though)!

The key advice to getting this checklist right is quality! You don’t want to grab the tops from Old Navy and Primark. The reason the classic closet works and is timeless is because of the quality of the pieces. You want a line that can be washed and worn, and yet remain in good-perfect condition. 

The classic closet is limited in selection allowing for each item to be invested in. To justify the payment you really need to see the Classic Pieces (off the list) are Investments. You will be wearing them to interviews, dinner parties – places that you need to make an impression. The impression has to start with your appearance. People will pay you more attention if you LOOK the part – then you can impress with your wit, academic knowledge, skills and personality. If you look a scruff the people you seek to impress will not give you the time of day. This is not vanity – it is common sense. 

 The Closet Cull is Done
Now you need to see what you have and what is missing.  
Use this list and examine your closet. 
 Then using your outcome make a new personal list of what you need to get… 

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