Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Movie Review ~ The Bling Ring

Seen: 12th July 2013
Rating: 1/5

I went into the film expecting so much. I was in LA at the time of filming and had seen some of it being done. It was such a big news story. Sofia Coppola is always such a big deal. But... it was crap! First off it made the crimes... they were crimes seem really cool and this kids lives seem really awesome --> so promoting stupidity and criminal activity is a good thing right?!

As usual Coppola’s music was fantastic. And it looked really pretty BUT the script sucked. Nothing happened. All the good bits of the action were explained in various ways not actually acted out... it was Boring. 

The acting was average. Thank goodness for Emma Watson because the other actors were pretty crappy. Basically... waste of time and money. Don’t know how it got to Cannes?!

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