Monday, 28 January 2013

The Movie Review ~ Lincoln

Seen: 26th January 2013
Rating: 4/5

DANIEL DAY LEWIS DANIEL DAY LEWIS DANIEL DAY LEWIS DANIEL DAY LEWIS. What else can one say about Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis kidnaps you for 2 and a half hours! The script is written for him. Anyone else and this movie would have flopped. It is long, it is slow and it isn’t that interesting. It is very Greek in the fact that most of the main events happen off-camera. The reason you cannot move and stay hooked is Daniel Day Lewis. He produces this beautiful, caring, wonderful man in his portrayal of Lincoln. He is touchable and relatable. Everything about what Daniel Day Lewis is Lincoln, he posture, his walk, his voice. It is amazing how he transforms into Lincoln. 

Sally Field is fine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fine, Tommy Lee Jones is wonderful. You just dismiss everyone because of Daniel Day Lewis!! I fully believe Daniel Day Lewis’ acting was met by only one other cast member and that was Gulliver McGrath. He was absolutely brilliant. His reaction to the death of his father was just heart-breaking. That is an actor to keep your eye on. 

Daniel Day-Lewis has the oscar hands down! It is his movie! Good movie... a classic!

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  1. The performances are what really make this film work and I was not a single-bit surprised when Jones, Fields, and Daniel Day got nominations for their amazing work here in their own roles. Nice review.