Friday, 16 November 2012

Style Guru - Candidate 5

“Ladies, your body makes you sexy. Your face makes you pretty. Your smile makes you gorgeous but your mind makes you beautiful.” Anon

Last week was fashion week... as many of you know and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting OFW’s competition winner, The Face. AKA Hai Lin Leung. Obviously she is gorgeous but, she is also sweet, down to earth and incredibly intelligent (is at Balliol College)! The quote above just summaries her completely! 

Having seen her arriving for the shows and chatting with her a couple of times over the course of the week I got to notice her style. She will mention this later on but Leung has Alexa Chungs grasp on the casual chic. Her look is put together but in the way that seems effortless. She is natural and earthy in appearance. There is no ‘fakeness’ or over-reaching elements to her garments. She has the look I would strive to have, but I believe that it is a style you are born with. You can wear it and it looks amazing or you can wear it and look a mess. Leung wears it and looks amazing! 

What influences your Style?
I think quite a few things influence my style. I'm always on the look out for various features in magazines and on websites such as Topshop or ASOS mainly to inspire new ways for me to wear clothes that I already have. I've also discovered the hidden gems of my mother's old wardrobes so it seems my mother must also be a prime influence! I love finding new ways to wear old things.

Who do you look up to (Fashion Wise)?
Probably the popular fashion icon, Alexa Chung, since I love her dressed down, casual yet sexy vibe. But otherwise, I'd say my best friends who also share the same interest in fashion!

Favourite Garment?
At the moment, I'm absolutely loving swapping trousers for skirts/dresses when going out or at formal occasions. Not only is there a massive comfort factor but there's something fun about dressing androgynously for an event where you know most girls will be wearing a dress. My current favourites are my dark purple, black and white floral cigarette trousers from M&S (who have seriously upped their game!).

Favourite Accessory?
Ohh, I think it has to be a toss up between my tartan woolen scarf (very winter appropriate!) and my mum's old Dunhill leather box bag, complete with heavy gold chain strap.

Favourite Designer?                                                                                                                             This might sound a bit weird and fulfilling of the female stereotype but I love the designs that Jenny Packham produces for her wedding collections (most of which I think you could get away with at a white tie event, if that makes my wedding dress browsing any more justified....). They're just so pretty and delicate! I also love the Gucci AW12 dresses whoever designed those! Like This! 

Favourite Bargain Store?
There's a great vintage shop in Oxford called Uncle Sam's that you so often find a great bargain in. And probably one of a kind - bonus!

Favourite Store?
Easily H&M. So much of my wardrobe is from there as it's just so easy to find an outfit to suit pretty much any occasion!

How did you find "you" in clothes?                                                                                                                           I'm not sure, really. Probably trying on countless combinations of my wardrobe on various occasions and working out what looks good together and on me (also means that over the years, I've put on some horrendous combinations of clothing!). Days when I'm feeling experimental are the best, it means I get to put together an outfit that I would never have previously considered, only to find that hey presto! It works!

What, for you is the biggest fashion No, No?                                                                                                     Ooh, probably anything velour with writing written across the bum... Either that or when boys team leather shoes with tracksuit bottoms.

What is one word or phrase that sums up your style?
Probably eclectic or minimal (does that even work?). I love block colours but my wardrobe is pretty much a mix of everything!

ThePoshGurl wants to thank Hai Lin for taking time out of her crazy busy Oxford Student schedule to chat with me. Can’t wait to see you in London, Paris, NY, Milan runways sooon!

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