Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My New Babies!

It was inevitable. But it happened this weekend, Saturday afternoon to be precise!
After Monday’s loss of the Marc by Marc Jacobs I was in peril... down a pair (my only pair) of simple black evening shoes. 

So I went to the High Street with K-anada and A-GrecianG and into LK Bennett. It was really great as the sales assistant recognized me from the Cosmopolitan Show. I had sat behind her and she had taken a picture of me because I had been all in LK Bennett!

So I tried on Kate Middleton’s Sledge pump and it looked like a clown shoe... too clumpy and heavy on my feet. So I tried the lower version which was pretty but too low. So it came down to the final pair The Shilo... exactly the same shoe as the Duchess just without the front platform. IT WAS GORGEOUS. Not only that they had it in a size 2 which was MY size... no insoles needed. 

Needless to say I wore them Saturday night to the Haute Couture Show... 
and we lived Happily Ever After!!!

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  1. GORGEOUS and you deserve them!