Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Movie Review ~ Skyfall

Seen: - 26th October 2012
Rating: - 5/5

I love Bond! I always have and I always will! Long Live Bond! However, I will say this now... on the internet... to my readership... Daniel Craig is the BEST BOND to date. I used to say Sean Connery but Craig is in a league of his own!
This is my SECOND favourite Bond film coming second to Casino Royale. 
What I loved about Skyfall is that it is FUNNY! It pokes fun at all the unrealistic things that came before in Bonds. However, it was as sexy as ever and as visually stunning as ever. I loved that this Bond was all about England! It seemed more realistic in a way. A more personal Bond!
Javier Bardem was TERRIFYING - much more so than No Country. He was scary in a Heath Ledger/ Joker kind of way. He really gave me chills. 
A character that REALLY brought it all together for me though was Ben Whitshaw as Q. Just pure Brilliance.... and brought a Geeky sex to the table!
The script was actually very clever for a change too. 
And I loved the wrap up which allows now for many more Bonds to continue... Forever and ever and ever!

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