Monday, 1 October 2012

Oxford Part 2 ~ Orientation Week

I actually wrote this post four days ago but on posting it... it vanished! Typical. I was so ****ed off I waited before re-trying. 

So! A lot has happened since we last chatted. For starters my course intensive has finished and I have moved into Somerville. 

Classes were pretty crazy to be honest. I have never had to much fun in my life! Both critical and creative were pushing and intriguing and absorbing and WONDERFUL! Basically I loved it. We read our work on Tuesday night. Everyone was so different and diverse. I was terrified... especially when I downed my wine before getting up and had that horrible feeling that I was going to burp the entire way through! (I didn’t.... thank the Lord!) What is really ridiculous was this time round my favourite day of writing was poetry... and I am NOT a poet. It was amazing. Especially the creative side- the beginning free writing exercise and condensing it into a poem brought me a great character and with her a story I want to investigate! 

Wednesday night brought the end of the first Residence and my moving into Somerville. It was an adventure from the moment I left Rewley House! Starting with the cabby who took one look at my three suitcases, duffel bag and cornet and had a little melt down before eventually changing me into a different cab. This cabby took my luggage but once I told him the destination he had NO idea how to get there! (Thank goodness I had walked there on Sunday)! When we pulled up outside the college it was pitched black... “I think it is closed” he said!! WHAT! He dumped me and my bags on the sidewalk and drove away. I walked in. The Porter was there with his torch and informed me that everything was down. As I was beginning to freak out a PostDoc came in and introduced herself to me. We got my room key and struggled across to my new building. When we got to my room I was immediately greeted by an office block... not very Harry Potter. But in the light it might be better. So I went for hot chocolate (D&G best ever) and waited for the lights. When they came on the room was not better so I emailed the Housekeeper to switch. The morning was no better when I opened the curtains to a window full of office workers and me in my pajamas! I emailed again! Then I headed out to international student induction. This was when it really hit me I was here. Walking across the city to get to the Examination Rooms. The course was a little BLAH so A-USA headed out for a shopping spree going to Boswells and buying everything for my room as well as heading to the Varsity Store to equip ourselves in college paraphernalia. When I got back to campus I had an email saying I could move across the hall to “2” with a view over the chapel and quad... AMAZING!  

I was so happy and quickly started unpacking whilst A-USA watched Downton. My building opens out onto Little Clareton Street and with it an Italian. After almost a week of Meat and Two Veg it was nice to indulge in Pasta. 

The second day of orientation was better starting with a class on cultural awareness where we got to discuss the British ability to drink like a fish and smoke like a chimney! Then there was a tour of the city. 

After which I finished my nesting with a grocery shop and a dinner of pot noodle, curly wurly, and devonshire custard!
Saturday was finally a day to sleep in and relax, do some studying and acclimatize. The evening was fun as I bundled up with A-USA to go to the Kings Arms for dinner and then on a ghost tour of the city (on a full moon). 

It was phenomenal and once again set my imagination and writing abuzz. Nothing so much as the ghost of CS Lewis that haunts the lamppost and doorway that inspired Narnia! 

Sunday my Mum and Auntie Debbie arrived so I played tour guide after which essentials (Sub-Fuscs etc.) were bought and then they went off leaving me to begin Fresher’s week with wine at the Principals house, followed by pizza and beer in the common room. 

Today Fresher’s Week really began with Punting down the river this morning (and were followed by a swan), tea and cakes with advisers and tutors this afternoon, and this evening a black tie and cocktail evening! This weeks looks to be the most crazy ever and I could not be more excited!! 

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  1. Gorgeous pics! Keep 'em coming so we can live vicariously through you. Looks like you're having a wonderful time.