Tuesday, 23 October 2012

In My Oxford Closet....

There is one person holding up my closet here in Oxford. Her name is Zoe Karssen. An Amsterdam based designer who made an impression on me when I first saw her “Creme de la Creme” sweater on Atlantic-Pacific. I soon found her collection in the new, and I dare say exceedingly beautiful Rebecca Bree on fourth and Alma (my new favourite store) in Vancouver. After getting my sister to pick up a blue “Creme” sweater and sending it across to me in Oxford, via our Mum and a British Airways 747- I became addicted. I wore it to the point of it walking off my back... ok a little disgusting but so true. It was then I ordered directly from the source and a few days later the heavenly pink “Oh La La” sweater arrived at the Somerville college lodge and I began rotating between the two. 

So what is it about Karssen that makes her so irresistible? I think it is her rock-and-roll chic. The sweaters themselves are classic- shape, material, and colour. But, and its a big but there is something more than just a pretty sweater. The print, layout, and phrases are different than what we are used to. Its more sophisticated, and classy than the items produced by “Wild-fox”, more elegant than the simple Junk tees you can find in Aritzia. The quality of the items is obvious- they won’t fall apart after one wash... or five. They are also diverse. I can wear them with jeans and hunters to the library one day and then dress them up the next putting a button down shirt under and adding a skirt (someone who does it perfectly is Blair on Atlantic-Pacific). Karssen is edgy without loosing the prep. Which is perfect for my style. Another great thing... she is reasonably priced. 
I am most definitely in love with her!


  1. Oh I love #5! So cute.


  2. Rebecca Bree on fourth has that on in