Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Theatre Review ~ Iris

Seen: - 14th April 2012
Rating: - 5+/5

A dream comes true. I stepped foot inside the Kodak Theatre! Not only that I got to see Cirque de Soleil! After seeing a scene from the production on the Oscars in February I was desperate to see it and so booked tickets as soon as I arrived in LA. It was a gorgeous production. Visually spectacular. My favourite scene was a film noir set, an atmospheric view of a city at night, with action of every sort taking place behind the windows. Gangsters fought and shot at each other, while springing from roof to roof via soaring, trampoline leaps and then they climb poles to heights far too high above the stage without nets and drop back down as they are shut! 
The music, players are positioned in boxed seats on either side of the stage — are fantastic adding intense emotional seasoning to every scene especially with the Noir scene. 

The love story between Buster and Scarlett was adorable. Buster being gorgeous. But Scarlett’s solo scene on her balancing stuff was rather a low point in the show! 
Sorry! All in all WOW!!! 

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