Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Theatre Review ~ Billy Elliott

Seen: - 13th April 2012
Rating: - 5/5

I was so excited to get to LA and see so many shows I wanted to see. One being Billy Elliot which I did not hesitate to get tickets too. I knew the show well so I could not wait to see it. Ty Forhan was a Canadian playing Billy Elliot which was really cool! He simply astounded me. His dancing, singing and accent was wonderful! The other accents were off-puttingly bad (especially Tony). Grandma was a bit awkward at her acting but her solo piece was beautiful. The dances were striking in their mixture of dance styles and storytelling. Little female ballet students weave in and out of surprising formations with miners and policeman. 

It is wonderfully well executed, totally modern, yet steeped in musical theatre tradition. You leave with the wonderful feeling of happy fulfillment, tears of joy streaming down your face! A True Musical! 

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