Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring Cleaning ~ The Workout!

Last week my little neice put her nose into my tummy for what I thought was a cuddle, instead she chowed down on my flubber! A nice set of mini-teeth marks on my flab! Great!

It was a wake-up call... PoshGurl you need to TONE IT UP!

So after procrastinating for a few days I started a regime today. I love being outside, and I used to be a good cross-country runner so I figured to get my cardio-vascular upped I would do a jogging program.

Although I have thrown myself into running (and severely hurt myself) THIS TIME I researched read and found a decent workout that worked.

So for the next TWO WEEKS this is what I will be doing: -

5 minute slow walking warm up and stretch...

for me that is walking down the steps to the beach (8 minutes).

3 Sessions of walking for six minutes, jogging for one...

along the water front one is easily distracted.

10 minute slow walking cool down...

for me it is walking back across the beach to the steps, up them and home (12 minutes).

Home to a HOT SHOWER!

It felt great but my muscles right now are starting to ache. I can hear them saying “What the HECK was that!” But I will NOT be put off!

I will take a leaf out of my Icons Book: -

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