Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'm Sexy and I Know It!

What does it mean to be sexy? Is it out of bounds or an extent of femininity?

Today “Sucker Punch” was on TV and I was sucked into watching three sexy women run around scantily clad fighting fantasy demon stuff. I was embarrassed by the fact I was enjoying watching it. Mostly by the fact part of my brain was telling me it was a victimization of women, making them “sexy”. But, I have to admit I found it empowering.

Isn’t sexuality part of being a woman? I love watching Victoria Secret shows. Women are beautiful! I mean really beautiful. Our bodies, our spirits. We are sexy... no matter what we do or look like. Sucker Punch made me feel that. Its about time we embraced our sexuality and stop thinking that it goes against ‘feminism’.

I feel that making our bodies too skinny, wearing boyfriend jeans and adrogenous clothing is our attempt at keeping within the radical feminism mindset. Goodness knows we don’t want to go back to sufrage but part of me feels we are going too far. We CAN be sexy! And it isn’t a bad thing.

Women can be sexy and powerful. We don’t all have to be victims to men because we dress to appeal to them. I love the independence that females have in our society. But, what I love is BEING FEMALE.period. And I think flaunting it is a simple extension of being female and loving it!!

America’s Next Top Model this season has two plus sizes. One being Louise, she is simply beauty embody but her sexiness makes her strong. I would NOT cross her. She is hard core! But she is sexy and flaunts it...

So being female... its about being sexy. Let’s stop this brainlink of sexy going against modern female rulings. You can be sexy and a radical feminist!!

So what IS sexy?

... That is the BEST BIT... You Decide! And, I say if you’ve got it flaunt it!!

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