Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Book Review ~ The Midwife of Venice

Completed: - 1st March 2012

Rating:- 4/5

“The Midwife of Venice” by Roberta Rich

This story was so compelling I just couldn’t put it down. I L*O*V*E*D it!

The characters are so believable and loveable as is the setting.

I did favour Hannah’s narratives I would skip over Issac’s so I could continue on Hannah’s journey before returning to his.

It was a real page turner.

The reason I am only giving it 4/5 is the writing.

Although the storyline is compelling the style leaves a little to be desired. As does the plotline. This could have been written in a clearer way and the plot spread out instead of a lot happening all at once.

The writing could also do with a little more tweaking to make it flow better.

BUT, all that is pretty much invisible when you are reading because you just wanna know what is going to happen!!

Thumbs well up for this one!

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