Sunday, 5 February 2012

Jelena Ristic

For those of you who don’t follow tennis you are probably scratching your head... This is Jelena Ristic the beautiful girlfriend of Tennis Number One Novak Djokovic.

She really caught my eye during the Australian Open last week and I had to have a google stalk and discovered her to be not only quite the beauty but quite the icon. Her style is classic and simple which completments her very ‘old skool’ beauty. She tends to stick to the pastel and blue colours which completments her Monaco tan. She is never over-done (unlike Andy Roddick’s wife). From the box she definely draws the right attention and would easily fit in along side my favs of the moment Pippa and Kate Middleton.

Besides cheering on her tennis number one since 2006 she is said to have studied finance in Milan and now works in Monaco (originally from Serbia). She enjoys watching and playing tennis which is a good thing since she’s been an ever present figure in Djokovic’s life the last few years!

Other than fast becoming the glamour couple of tennis not much is known about Ristic. All that is clear is that she is certainly behind her man attending all of his games: -

"I'm really proud. It's his dream to be so successful and I'm really happy for him that he managed to, you know, accomplish at least part of his dream," Ristic said. "Hopefully I'll be there to help him and to see him achieving the biggest one, the top."

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