Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Felicity Jones

Who has seen the new Dolce and Gabanna print ads?

I know I have and this is my next Style Guru of 2012...

Felicity Jones.

Not only is she a true beauty but she is also actress and a guru. As an actress she took the leading role in the 2007 adaptation of Northanger Abbey, starred as Grace May in the BBC drama 'Servants' 2007. But this is the year Felicity Jones is stepping out of the shadows in 29 January 2011, Jones won a Special Jury Prize (Dramatic) at Sundance for her performance as Anna in breakout movie Like Crazy. Now she is fast becoming a household name.

I have loved Felicity Jones since seeing her as a kid in The Worst Witch. However, it is recently her style that has caught my eye. It is quirky and whimsical without being too “out there” (like Vanessa Hudgens)... She knows what looks good! BUT she isn’t trapped in a certain style. She can step out in a beautiful girly outfit but still look like herself. I like her diversity and her attitude.

Hopefully 2012 will be even more sucessful for her!


Keep up the good style!!

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