Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cosmetic Animal Testing Resumes

“The One Who Does Not Remember History is Bound to Live Through It Again”

George Santayana

I was saddened and sickened today when I read a friends post on facebook and hear that civilization has taken a step back. It appears to break into the Chinese market various cosmetic companies are once again testing on animals. This is both BARBARIC and INHUMANE. What is worse is some of these companies pride themselves on being “green” and “good for the planet” which is now utter BULLPooPoo! It is disgusting that to appease a country these companies are stepping back on their MORALS. What is this all coming too??

So please find below a link to the original article: -

AND a list of the cosmetic companies now testing on animals. I will be boycotting every SINGLE one and I urge you to do so too. I will blog soon on what I find to replace these products!

Avon. Mary Kay. Estee Lauder. MAC. Clinique. Sean John. Michael Kors. Missoni. La Mer. Darphin. Tom Ford. Prescriptives. Bobbi Brown. American Beauty. Coach. Lab Series Skincare for Men. Donna Karen. Flirt! Ojon. Origins. AVEDA. GoodSkin Labs. Smashbox. Tommy Hilfiger. Jo Malone. Grassroots Research Labs. Ermenegildo Zegna. Kiton. Aramis. Bumble and Bumble.

Do we really need to step back in order to “look good”. I thought we were passed all this. What is next... using orca skins and oils to make lipstick??



  1. You're awesome for posting this. I love you. I actually want to protest in front of department stores and hand out fliers to let people know this. It doesn't matter if it's in China, it is still the same company and I will not support it. I plan to write some letters, too. I'm glad my mother doesn't sell Avon anymore, or I would give her MASSIVE hell for it.

  2. I think handing out fliers is a good idea. People won't realise these changes unless it is in their face. And I agree... just because ONE country is back to front in their ideas of what is humane and not doesn't mean a company should go back on their twenty-first century morals. China or not the company is doing it and for that I will not be buying their products -- its the country that should be boycotted not the morals.