Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Book Review ~ Catch Up (16-18)

The Lost Daughter ~ Lucretia Grindle

Completed: - January 2011

Rating 5/5


Anyway we find ourselves back in Florence in the hands of our two favourite Italian detectives. There is a missing girl from America and they must find her, but all is not as it seems. This girls step-mum is in witness protection hiding from a Italian killer. This book like her last “Villa Triste” has flashbacks to the past, this flashes back to the 60s and the Italian Revolution it housed.

The characters are thrilling and the plotline unstoppable. READ THIS BOOK! That is all I can say.

A Sicilian Romance ~ Ann Radcliffe

Completed: - January 2011

Rating 3/5

The Queen of Gothic Literature falls off my shelf once again. This is the last Radcliffe novel I had to read and it was not her best, but I did still adore it. Heroine in the most dire of circumstances torn between family and love. However, her family is not what it turns out to be and she finds herself on the run from her evil Father and Betrothed with her beloved Lord.

I love Radcliffe, she is so spell binding with her horror without it being guts and gore. Her heroines are so pathetically powerful! And her descriptions are fabulous! I love Radcliffe.

War Horse ~ Michael Morpurgo

Completed: - December 2011

Rating 3/5

I do not understand why this is a children’s book. This is a completely riveting book and I read it within three hours. It was heartbreaking and thrilling for any horse fanatic. The only thing negative about this book is the writing. It’s is too basic for the story-line which completely catches you and then something within the writing would pull you out of it. It’s Albert and his horse Joey are split up by WW1 and they find each other on the battle field after many adventures either side. It is unbelievably beautiful.

(I also love the movie!)

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