Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Winter Favourites

I am playing catch-up here but here are my Winter/Fall favs...

First up is Essie

Yes everyone knows I am a huge Essie fan but the Fall Brand New Bag Collection based on the handbag fashion of the 40s and 50s (and added Kate Middleton influence) I grabbed 4 colours and adore them! In fact I threw out all but two of my older colours!!

Carry On – Merlot Mulberry

very structured – creamy Sienna

ladylike – beautiful, demure pink

Case Study – rich camel beige

Glamour purse – Almond beige
Power Clutch – mysterious dark

Second is The Body Shop’s Delipcious

I have bought two so far and am running out fast. The light pink and the red. They work wonders at hydrating but also adds a sheen. I love that this is not sticky but really comfortable AND it taste yummy!!!! I REALLY want the purple one.... Christmas List!!

Third is Tommy Hilfiger’s Sweatpants

In Fall there is nothing like cozying up in the sweatpants and I have found the most comfy. Tommy Hilfiger-- I have the purple and green and the FIRST thing I do when I come in from wherever ... on goes the sweats. The feeling of Fall is them!!

Fourth is Juicy Couture Hair-tyes

My hair is finally growing but it is that annoying stage where it slips into your collar... errrrrr!! Any-who these are the perfect size and hold so well without pulling at the hair! PLUS each one has a really cute little gem on each one.

Fifth is my MAC Eye Shadow Palette

I bought “Lady Grey” in September and I absolutely adore it. Green and purple... together they create a brilliant smokey eye but they come with enough to range daily makeup perfectly. I adore it and panicking a little more everyday as the powders get lower and lower!!!

Sixth is Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy

I don’t know why it happens but Falls come and my hands flake and crack and blah... I have tried every hand cream known to mankind BUT this Fall I found this one in Citron and Pomegranate and... THEY WORK!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! In fact this is the SECOND thing on my Christmas list.

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