Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Book Review ~ Catch Up (10-15)

I haven’t been reading as much as I would like recently due to the extensive reading coming in from my University courses. But I have finished a few books so here are the low-downs!!

Last Night at Chateau Mormont ~ Lauren Weisberger

Completed: - August 18th 2011

Rating: - 5/5

A story about a young married couple faced with the prospect of all their dreams come true... for one of them it brings FAME. This story takes a look inside this situation and how the tabloids can ruin a perfect marriage with one fateful photo... or can they??

I really loved this book... maybe more than The Devil Wears Prada. The characters were also and although it is quite a “fantasy” subject it was really believable... LOVED IT!

One Day ~ David Nicholls

Completed: - September 2011

Rating: - 3/4

A look into a date and how it is lived by two people who keep meandering in and out of each other lives. One is a failing TV host and one is a teacher dreaming of becoming a writer. They love and loose and love again and not just with each other.

What lost this book marks was its slow start. It took half the book to get going. BUT once it did I could not put it down and it had the ability to completely and utterly break my heart. A definite read but you have to have patience with it.

How to Live Like a Lady ~ Sarah Tomczak

Completed: - September 2011

Rating: - 5/5

I found this cute little book in Anthropologie on South Granville. It was a bath read and I consumed it. Everything from hostessing to style. What I loved about this book was that everything was relatable and DO ABLE. Heaven knows ThePoshGurl is broke but I was able to change a lot based on this books advice... including buying new products based on recommendations. It is a great little buy.

The Tennis Party ~ Madeline Wickham

Completed: - October 2011

Rating: - 4/5

Not Wickham/Kinsella’s best BUT still better than most! This is a story about a group of friends joined in a past of poverty some finding themselves in a place of extreme wealth. So what lengths will friends go to to gain wealth or sex. This is a great insight into friendship and how money can ruin or make one. AND what one will do for sex!! All this is set over a good weekend of food and sport.

This was really absorbing in regards to watching human nature come to life through Wickham’s words. The characters were great and I loved watching them change in 300 pages!

What Would Audrey Do? ~ Pamela Keogh

Completed: - October 2011

Rated: - 4/5

Another how to book but with a ton of biographical info. This author got up close and personal with everyone Audrey including her family. There were things in this book that surprised me and others that made me really stop and think.

I loved Keogh’s dedication to Audrey and how she took Audrey’s way of life and applied it to everyday life. It was a fantastic read!

Rules of Civility ~ Amor Towles

Completed: - November 22nd 2011

Rated: - 5/5

Looking into Manhattan in the 1930s... what could be better! Wit, entertainment and believability. I have found a new favourite author... I hope he writes another one soon.

It all starts when our heroine attends an art showing and sees the figure of a man she once knew in two different photographs looking completely different. She then takes us back to that time and tells her life story and how this one man changed over the course of their time together and beyond.

The history is superb, the characters realistic, the writing entertaining, the setting completely dreamy.... I LOVE THIS BOOK! Best so far this year.....

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