Sunday, 14 August 2011

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What is the Key to Good Dressing?

“'... simplicity, grooming and good taste - the three fundamentals of fashion - cannot be bought. But they can be learnt, by rich and poor alike." Christian Dior

I need to start today, editing my wardrobe. Looking through my closet, there is visually a lot to minimize. Clothes that are not elegant, things that haven’t been touched in years, clothes that are too big or small... lots of shoes needing repair. So where do I begin?

  • Analyze my wardrobe. Do I have my basics?
  • Do I have the right accessories?
  • Do I commit any fashion faux-pas in my collection ?
  1. Old, faded clothing: They should go.
  2. Tears, holes and stains in the clothing: Repair and remove.
  3. Scuffed Shoes. Usually I would say throw them out, but maybe there is something your cobbler can do.
  1. Clothes which are not ironed. Buy Clothes that need no ironing!
  2. Clothes of ridiculous fashion.
  3. Grubby looking bags that needs to be washed, repaired and most likely thrown out.
  4. Fake designer goods.

Redefining my wardrobe: THROW OUT: -

  1. Clothes beyond repair
  2. Clothes that are too big or small, or do not fit properly
  3. Clothes no longer in fashion
  4. Clothes that you don't wear anymore because they are too long or short
  5. Clothes with holes
  6. Clothes that are faded
  7. Clothes that have rips in them
  8. Clothes that clearly have been washed too often
  9. Clothes with unremovable stains
  10. Cheap looking clothes
  11. Scuffed shoes
  12. Bags that have lost their shape
  13. Bags that are beyond repair
  14. Fabric bags whose fabric looks dirty and are beyond the wash
  15. Hats, accessories that have gone out of style
  16. Costume jewelry that looks dull and fake

But... clearing out is only the beginning. One of the main things I want for ThePoshGurl in the new ‘lifestyle’ is a suitable style that reflects herself (with the hint of icons)!! So HOW??

BASICS are the most important thing so -- How to know if you do not have enough of the Everyday Basics?

  1. Do you take too long to get dressed?
  2. Do you have a hard time finding something to go with tops or bottoms?
  3. Do you always feel a slight tinge of embarrassment when you open the door of your house, or when you have chance meeting with your friend?
  4. Do you feel grubby? Or too casual?
  • Everyday basics should be clothes that can be worn like a uniform and throughout the year. Your Everyday basics depends on your lifestyle.

Clothes must aspire to a lifestyle, and this is what I need to focus on!!

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