Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Hoarding Cut-Down

I must admit I am addicted to “Hoarding: Buried Alive”. I watch the marathons and will recommend it to everyone!! But, I have to say that sometimes there is an innate fear of “Am I a Hoarder?” Clothes, shoes, bags, stationary, and books... I am a shopaholic. Packing up all my stuff I look at the boxes, I try to throw things out and sometimes feel I can’t... so... Am I a Hoarder?! I know I am not THAT BAD, but I definitely don’t want to create a room of clutter in my new space. So, I need a step by step plan!!

Most people who know ThePoshGurl will say I am anal when it comes to planning, but when it comes to acting out those plans I have a confession to make... she is not very good at holding to those plans and becoming lazy! But, at 25 and wanting... pleading with myself to avoid this hoarding problem (that probably doesn’t exist but whatever) so this move will be the DRASTIC turnaround!!

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