Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Today (and a little bit yesterday) I went SHOPPING! It was the first shopping spree I have had in AGES!! PLUS I went with one of my besties and past Style Guru... SABBY WONG! After getting permission to spend from Sabrina’s other half and we were off.

H&M I grabbed myself a gorgeous long sleeved shirt with “brass” style buttons and a floral print. $19.95

Then it was Banana Republic where I grabbed two skinny leather belts one in pink and one in green snakeskin both from $55.00 down to $29.99 with an EXTRA 25% off!!

In Jacob I found a pale pink V neck (back and front) 100% (softest ever) cotton sweater irresistible and had to take that too. This was $49.99 with 50% off!!

Buying a pack of CD’s in Staples I found the most ADORABLE COW, yes COW USB!!

Back story- my sister bought me a GORGEOUS pink dress from Banana Republic BUT I needed to get the sheer tights to finish the Kate Middleton look!! Which I found (with a suck in top) at Sears for $8.00

Yesterday, on my way to ‘smelly’ shop I picked up a pair of:-

Mavi mid-rise, green cargo pants. They are on SUCH a good deal at the moment I didn’t even use my staff discount! $39.99

At Beauty Mark I bought a new Essie in a mint green called “Absolutely Shore”!

Winners was an inviting place today where I found, with Sabrina’s keen eye a Matching PURPLE kitchen set - culinder ($7.99), mixing bowl ($9.99), and cooking utensils set ($7.99)!

So what did I wear on this expedition?!


My new Wilfred Maxi Skirt with a plain tank top and DKNY pink thongs!

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