Thursday, 14 July 2011

English Roses Need the Pantyhoses!

For those of us English Roses legs are a problem... it is in our heritage. That’s why Pantyhoes, or Tights were invented... for the British to cover up their legs! If it isn’t really uneven knobby knees its the ‘white as snow’ skin. The knobby knees makes fake tanning very awkward, and the skin doesn’t naturally tan... it BURNS! so as an English Rose myself I have to say THANK YOU KATE. Whenever I wear tights with dresses in the Summer people laugh and now people are doing it!!

“Sheer pantyhose look quite elegant,” writes the Boston Globe's Beth Teitell, after scanning photos of the Duchess of Cambridge in all her 40 outfits over the past two weeks. Teitell welcomes the redux as an antidote to shaving cuts and dry, unevenly fake-tanned knees.

So what you need to buy is not Egg-Crate from the 60’s but instead fairy-dusted iridescence.

Although everyone speculated that the panty hoes were a Royal Uniform Requirement Pippa Middleton has begun wearing the panty hoes. If you want flawless legs pantyhoes are the way to go!

I want the airbrush legs without actually having to put on layers of fake tan and blotches etc. tooooo much crap!

SO I am stepping out in panty hoes and I will be LOUD AND PROUD!

p.s. Current bestselling brands include Wolford Naked 8s and Satin Touch 20s, Falke’s Shelina tights and, Pretty Polly’s Naturals which promise a “cooling effect” finish.

Which ones will YOU be wearing??!!


  1. You might want to fix "panty hoes" to "pantyhose" because otherwise it sounds like a bunch of hookers in panties. ;)