Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Book Review: The Painted Bird

The Sixth Book Review is on...

THE PAINTED BIRD by Jerzy Kosinski

“The Painted Bird” by Jerzy Kosinski is an excellent crafted novel ruined by an authors desire to shock the reader.

Set in World War 2, a young boy is abandoned by his family, left with an ailing peasant he is dumped into the uncivilized world of Europe. When his guardian dies he must face the consequence of being a dark haired, dark eyed boy alone in Nazi occupied, primal countryside. He is shafted from place to place meeting with the most nasty and disgusting of people. This is good. BUT... I really mean disgusting. He witnesses brutality, beastiality, rape, pedophiliac rape and murder. Yes it happens, but Kosinski doesn’t just mention it he likes to describe it... in INCREDIBLE DETAIL.

What Zusak (“The Book Thief”) fantastically mentions at, reminding you of the horror of war without jamming it down your throat Kosinski RAMS it down your throat.

I do not want to read a paragraph on how a six year old is raped to death in front of her mother, or how to arouse a He-Goat in order to make it mate with a human girl. It is HORRIFIC and DISGUSTING.

There is tons of shock but NO AWE!

ThePoshGurl was NOT impressed.

ThePoshGurl Rating:

1 JimmyChoo out of 5

(Only because of the narration and characterization NOT the content)

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