Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Book Review ~ Late Night Talking

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“Late Night Talking” by Leslie Schnur is a fun novel that would be a perfect accompaniment to an afternoon at the beach! It is lively, funny and quick to read.

Jeannie is a ambitious, independent and rather loud-mouthed radio presented focussed on making the world better. Her show is Sterling Behaviour a show that brings to light the rude behavior of individuals. Jeannie believes her best friend, and worldly journalist is her one true love. But, does Tommy feel the same?

Then there was a hummer... Jeannie’s one pet peeve and it just so happens to be driven by the rich, and very dashing (yet arrogant) Nicholas Moss. But, when Jeannie discovers Tommy wants a relationship too she forgets about the dashing hero in the Hummer. But when the dashing hero becomes her boss, her show goes to the TV, and she finally has a boyfriend... but is it all too good to be true??

Leslie Schnur has the classic chick lit plot but mixed with fantastic characters it is a brilliantly written book with great description. The book is a quick read and it is a fun read. Pure escapism. Quick chapters and quirky writing techniques, with not only prose but scripts of the Sterling show. I laughed and... I balled too!! Fabulous...

ThePoshGurl Rating:

4 JimmyChoos out of 5

(For pure entertainment)

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