Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Book Review: 22 Britannia Road

The Fourth Book Review is on...

22 BRITANNIA ROAD by Amanda Hodgkinson

Silvana and her eight- year- old son Aurek arrive in England. It is post WW2 and Silvana and Aurek have survived... barely. By barely I mean they had spent the entire war in a forest. Human contact had been a minimum and Aurek is closer to an animal than a young boy. Stepping off the train they meet Janusz, Silvana’s husband and Aurek’s Father... but do they remember him? ... Barely...

As their relationship grows they reaffirm their marriage and knowledge of each other, but with that knowledge comes the knowledge of how far they have come and how many secrets there are between them.

Hodgkinson’s writing style is absolutely amazing, she weaves the journey of the trio through the war and how each episode of their survival effects how they grow together... or fall apart. For with secrets come deceit and from deceit comes forgiveness.

Ultimately this story is about loss and forgiveness and how it weaves its way through war and its recovery.

I loved this book. The story moved me to the verge of tears and I could not put it down.

ThePoshGurl Rating:

5 JimmyChoos out of 5.

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