Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Style in the Store ~ Monday 27th June 2011

Kate Middleton did arrive looking GORGEOUS in white at Wimbledon (in the middle of a heat wave)... Stunning!

This dress is by Temperley Moria’s Alice Dress

Once again it was time to change the mannequins in the store. This time I did a unified theme of


The Main Window...

Girl: Tiara cuffed shorts, and a white jersey peasant tops with ‘wing’ sleeves.

Boy: Khaki cargo Shorts and a red tee.

Boy: Charcoal Shorts, a blue tee and light blue linen shirt.

Girl: Lindy skinny jeans (cuffed), also a rope & bead necklace and a blue halter top.

Side window...

Lucia cargo shorts and a blue checked tank.

Cameron super shorts, a blue striped tee and a red checked fitted shirt.

Daniel skinny jeans, and a green shirt and tee combo.

Josh Jeans, pink tee under a blue short sleeve shirt.

Martin jeans, jellyfish tee and a brown shirt.

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