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Style in the City ~ Wednesday 1st June 2011

Green is the all important thing at the moment. So how does the fashionista keep fashionable AND green. Well that is easy enough... go for green accessories!

Taking a leaf from our style guru of the week... Rachel McAdams... ThePoshGurl is going to go green when it comes to decking out our outfits... and lifestyles.


One really easy way to go green is when getting coffee by purchasing a reusable mug. These mugs save the cardboard of the mugs, the sleeves AND the plastic of the lids. Not only is it fun to grab a cup/mug that shows of your personality. BUT it also saves you money as most coffee stores give you a discount for bringing your own mug!!


So... earlier this week I posted on my addiction to books... well buying books is not the most eco-friendly thing to do!! Books are made from paper and paper is made from trees. So looking at your latest Ken Follett epic that is one heck of a lot of trees! One way to be green when it comes to reader is to use online bookstores which download books to your electronic devices whether it be a Nook (from Barnes and Noble), a kindle (from Amazon), a kobo (from Chapters), or your iphone or ipad. This is a great way to save our forests! I know I have an ereader on my birthday list!!


Obviously we can take a big leaf from Rachel McAdam’s book and use our bikes! Gone are the days of old-skool Raleigh bikes! For the sporty types there are the new mountain bikes, for the lazy the electric bike or you could be like ThePoshGurl and opt for a bike that matches your personality... in her case a city cruiser!


In ThePoshGurl’s makeup bags you will find two fold-up bags! Ever since Anya Hindmarch’s “I am not a plastic bag” the issue of bags has come into play with more and more stores choosing to charge for plastic bags. I am fully supportive of this new development. Look at how much waste plastic bags create when really how tough is it to use a reusable bag... they can slip into your purse or pocket. They are cheap and come in every colour and design known to mankind!


Instead of chucking out your favourite jeans because there is a hole why not create something new or better yet head to a tailor and get them patched... the distressed look is so popular at the moment so maybe you’ll get a “new” pair of jeans out of it. Mavi jeans in Kitsilano and Yaletown charge $12 to repair any pair of jeans and ThePoshGurl knows for a fact their seamstress is THE BEST.


Who needs black-inked fingers when a single tap can get you up to date on everything! YES! Every one of your favourite magazines and newspapers has a website. So why kill so many trees when for cheaper you can simply download your addiction to New York Times or new edition of LouLou. Also there is more space... where do you store all your old copies of mags and papers... EXACTLY. When they are on your devices they are not hogging space on your toilet seat or on your desk! Each year, 10 million tons of newspapers are tossed into landfills and aren't recycled. If just half of these were recycled, it would save 75 million trees. Picking up the daily rag at a newsstand will cost you $225 to $300 a year. If you must have the paper in your hands, at least subscribe to it rather than buying single copies -- you'll save about 50% off the cover price.


About 686 million rolls of film are processed each year, and the solutions used the make the prints often contain hazardous chemicals that require special treatment and disposal. Digital cameras continue to become more affordable and the savings on film -- depending on how often you take photos -- can be significant. So go and grab a pink Canon powershot camera or a gold Sony digital!!


Instead of buying water bottles why not grab a Brita Filter it works out cheaper in the longer run and cuts your waste. Also... much like your mugs have a reusable water bottle. ThePoshGurl uses a “Keep Calm and Carry On” steel water bottle. it takes 1.5 million barrels of oil annually to satisfy America's demand for bottled water. It may not seem like much for each person, but 1.5 million barrels of oil mean more than $100 million a year in oil just to bottle water.


Vintage clothes are fantastic... as we are learning with the new fad in baggy jersey’s and bell-bottom jeans no style goes out of style forever (except maybe tie-dye)! So why not duck out of Holt Renfrew and pop into your local Vintage or Consignment store. This doesn’t say anything about your economic situation but simply shows a care for mother-earth!!

If you are interested in going more ECO check out these websites:-

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