Thursday, 12 May 2011

Style in the City ~ Wednesday 11th May 2011

It is playoff season and for the first time in 17 years the Vancouver Canucks have made it through to the West Coast Finale. So what effect has it had on the city? Well... besides the parties there is the... JERSEYS.

Jersey, jersey everywhere. So what does the jersey say about you, or your style. Does it indicate you are a die hard fan, or just a die hard fans girlfriend, or... are you a puck bunny?

So what type do you wear?

For me, the ‘proper’ jersey is the indicator of the die hard fan... Not only does it cost an arm and a leg but, lets face it... the jersey’s are not the most flattering thing to wear! This style will be able to tell you the offside rule and name most of the players and their numbers.

Then there is the Team Tee. This is a strange one... I used to wear a Team Tee, whilst Taylor Pyatt was on the team... doesn’t that tell you something. Tee’s can look hot! So a team tee is a fan, whether through association or attraction.

THEN there is the Pink Jersey... PUCK BUNNY! In my opinion of style and fashion (and hockey fanatic) this is a HUGE NO NO! The people who wear these jersey’s will probably not know a whole lot about hockey. They wear it to show their loyalty to the city and the men within it.

KK... don’t be mad... I know I am being harsh, but for me a jersey IS a style statement. A Pink Jersey is for me an ugg... NO GO AREA!

So there you have it... what is your jersey saying about you??

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